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The product launch and debut of you & her was a collaboration between Production Elements, designer Ian Locke, and founders Christina Norman & Laura Kerr. Presented at the historic Warehouse Studio in Gastown, Downtown Vancouver, the you & her fashion show was an inspiring presentation of the organization's charitable and commercial enterprise.

Ian Locke’s creative vision was for a bold and minimalistic presentation. We mounted one ETC Source Four ellipsoidal in the loft downstage and one upstage of the runway. The contrasting positions provided full coverage for the runway, and a crisp illumination of the models. The runway was defined by outlining Michro LED Bar II fixtures placed directly on the floor. Two ADJ Inno Color Beam LED moving heads were set at the head of the runway providing momentous sweeps across the floor and ceiling at the right moment, and held bold beam aerials behind the presenters during speeches.

On a tight schedule Production Elements secured and provided rental equipment, collaborated with the creative team on design, and delivered technical services from load-in, rehearsal, event, to load-out. The fashion show was a beautiful achievement for this passionate team.

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