YC United

Youth Ministry represents our roots at Production Elements Services. All our partners began as aspiring young people, pushing the limits of what was possible at their local Youth Group. So it was a pleasure and a natural fit to partner with YC (Youth Church) for their YC United event at Chandos Pattison Auditorium in Surrey, BC.

Provided rentals included twelve Colorblast 12 TR, four Accuscan 250’s, and a powerful Radiance Hazer. The Colorblast 12 is the classic, legendary, breakout stage LED fixture by Color Kinetics, (now Philips Color Kinetics). The Colorblast 12 TR is a rugged touring model designed for the robust environment of setup and strike on a daily bases. The Colorblast 12 was at the forefront of new LED technology for entertainment, theatre, and stage. It was a privilege to learn and hone lighting design skills with LED’s in the early days.

The Colorblast 12 TR provided a powerful colour wash on stage, but the “Wow!” in this rig was the Accuscan 250’s. The Accuscan is a mirrored automated fixture with a super bright 250w discharge lamp. The seven rotating gobos provide great aerial effects and texture breakups. Combined with the nine colour, colour wheel, plus open white, lends itself to dynamic and striking looks on stage.

The Radiance Hazer is another brilliant piece of technology. With water based haze and a tremendous output the Radiance Hazer could fill the cavernous auditorium in moments! DMX control of fan and haze provides full control for a variety of effects. The water based fluid is a great asset, as it doesn’t leave the oily film that other hazers do in the venue. For this reason many venues only allow water based haze machines.

Youth Church was a special experience that lasted several years. The extraordinary team of youth, many from Pacific Academy, who contributed have grown up and taken leadership rolls at many effective churches including Broadway Church in Vancouver, and Village Church in Surrey.

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