How do you develop your volunteers’ practical skills?

We can help you equip your team through on-site group workshops. We offer one-on-one technical coaching. We also periodically host general workshops, to further assist you in training and equipping your team.


  • Empower your team and raise the standard
  • Specific instruction for your team, equipment, and relevant challenges
  • Group lectures & hands on training

Personal Coaching

Get one-on-one training with one of our experienced technicians by your side. When learning a new instrument or new concept you would take lessons or hire a tutor. Production expertise doesn’t just happen, it takes discipline and training.

Our team have years of experience teaching and creating curriculum in High School, College, and Community settings. We are currently working on a systematic modular training program for production, audio, lighting, visual media, set design, and event management. If this is of interest to you please contact Mark Hunt to find out more.

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