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ETC Smartfade ML

SmartFade ML provides professional features like palettes, parameter "fan" and built-in dynamic effects with an easy-to-learn direct-access style of operation. With a capacity for up to 24 moving lights and an additional 48 intensity channels (dimmers), and the ability to patch to two complete universes of DMX512A (1,024 outputs), SmartFade ML gives you all the control you need for smaller rigs.

  • 24 channel/parameter/memory faders
  • 3 rotary encoders for configuration, programming
  • Two 2x20 LCD displays for configuration, programming
  • 2 x DMX512A Outputs (5-pin XLR)
  • Master fader and Blackout key
  • Bumps Master and SOLO key
  • 24 x 12 pages Memories
  • 12 x 12 pages 24-step Sequences
  • 24 x 3 Palettes (Focus, Color, Beam)
  • Parameter “Fan”
  • 22 Effects (11 shape effects/11 linear effects)
Description Value
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 10.3" x 26.9" x 2.4"
Weight: 10lbs
Description Link
Smartfade ML - User Manual Click Here