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Mackie ProFX22 Analogue Console

The ProFX22 is the clear solution for any medium/large venue that needs great sound, but doesn’t have the budget or space for tons of outboard gear. To lose the rack, tools like compression and graphic EQ are crucial. The ProFX22 has everything needed to make your gig sound great and all the necessary channels to rock a large band.

  • Professional 22-channel 4-bus mixer with onboard effects and USB I/O
  • 16 low-noise, high-headroom Mackie mic preamps with +50dB gain range
  • Dedicated inline compression for critical inputs (ch. 11-14)
  • Precision 7-band graphic EQ for tuning mains and monitors
Description Value
Size: 16.0 in x 25.1 in
Weight: 18 lb / 8.2 kg
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ProFX22 - User Manual Click Here