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Lightkey combines the power of a professional DMX lighting console with the ease and style of a Mac—perfect for musicians, night­clubs, live events, churches & more.

  • Live preview with virtual beams (simulates pan/tilt angles, intensity, color, gobo and gobo movement, focus, zoom, iris, shutter/strobe, prism)
  • Direct manipulation of fixtures within the visualization
  • Support for multi-beam fixtures (e.g. LEDs)
  • Supports fixtures with multiple color and gobo wheels
  • Built-in fixture editor allows on-the-fly changes
  • Extensive keyboard control and support for multi-touch gestures
  • External control thru DMX-In, any standard MIDI controller, and customizable keyboard shortcuts
Description Value
DMX Universes Up to 4 DMX512 output universes (2048 channels)
DMX interface: Supports numerous USB interfaces and output protocols through the Open Lighting Architecture (OLA)
Supported Fixtures: PARs, Moving Heads, Blinders, Scanners, Fog Machines, LED Fixtuers
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