Cultural Christmas

Christmas for many churches includes presentations by their creative worship team. Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries annually hosts a cultural service including singing, dance, worship, and message of the Christmas story. Production Elements Services has collaborated with the JRAM creative team for several years, supplementing the in-house equipment at Michael J Fox Theatre in Burnaby.

This design incorporated two sweeping triangular arches built with standard 12”x12” truss, 90-degree and 6-way corner blocks, with short 2’ foot truss for stability and ground supports. The truss arches burst from the stage out into the audience from the center focal point upstage. Performers and presenters were able to enter stage left & right from the wings, going under the arch, or enter upstage from the focal point.

Nine Mega Par Profile fixtures, from ADJ (American DJ), were mounted on the front face of either arch. The remaining six Mega Par Profiles were used as truss warmers. Four Accuscan 250 fixtures were placed upstage centre, providing a radiant cascade of light. The texturing gobo breakups from the Accuscan 250’s was featured in several looks.

The addition of five Microh LED Bar II fixtures as backlight were focused across the stage platform towards the audience. This reflected light across the entire stage surface. Viewed from the elevated theatre seating this small number of fixtures provided a large LED wash across one of the largest spaces in the theatre venue.

The venues ninety-six Stand Dimmers were utilized along with the venue hang of ETC Source Four, Stand Lekolite, and Selecon Pacific zoom ellipsoidal fixtures. We used the white theatrical cyclorama as a very large projection screen, illuminated with a 5,000 lumen projector. Because of this spill light needed to be carefully controlled on stage.

For audio the venue Meyer loudspeakers and Yamaha DM2000 digital console provided great audio reinforcement. The client requested we supplement five wireless microphones. We used our Line6 XD-V35 wireless dynamic microphones.

We value and look forward to the opportunity to work with the creative team at JRAM every year, turning their vision and set design inspiration into reality.

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