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Abandon is an annual student initiative at Regent Christian Academy. The one-night festival format concert features emerging and developing artists. The lighting rig needed to deliver energy, flexibility, and creative dynamics. The first performers were an alternative folk trio, followed by an etherial rock band, and the night concluded with an electronic pop group. Production Elements supplied all lighting and rigging components.

The lighting design by Justin Martin featured the predominant scenic icon of mountain peaks. In conversation with Justin he shared that these spires were a reference to mount Zion, the ultimate place of worship. This custom shape was build with standard 12”x12” aluminum box truss. Martin said,

“Using truss is great. You have these standard components; building blocks that can be configured virtually any way! The high load rating allows us to hang lights or scenic pieces wherever we need them.”

The truss was outlined with twelve 50 watt Microh LED Bar II fixtures. Internally the aluminum mountain feature was illuminated with ten Chauvet Hex6 LED truss warmers. The bands were backlit upstage and downstage with sixteen large faced Chauvet SlimPar Pro TRI fixtures and four American DJ Inno Colour LED Beam automated lights.

“Having the LED Bars outlining the truss and the Hex6 inside the truss was great. This allow us to create vivid two tone colour pallets. If we wanted punch, we could boost the bars as blinders, or just use the truss warmers with the LED Bars blacked out for more subdued looks.”

“Along the backline we had the Inno Beams and SlimPars alternating in a 2:1 ratio. The SlimPar Pro TRI have a huge face that puts out this big beam of light. And the Inno’s allow us to create motion and great beam effects behind the band.”

In either corner two truss towers were places with six High End Systems Trackspots each. These automation clusters provided an array coverage of the stage with diverse effects throughout the night. Martin indicated that these older fixtures were very economical for the events budget and though not full yoked moving heads, placed at the back of the stage being scanners was not a detriment.

Abandon is an amazing showcase of students talents each year. We would like to thank lighting designer Justin Martin, Regent Christian Academy, and all the student artists and Stagecraft crew whom we had the pleasure of working with.

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